Our experience has led us down many different paths and we have worked on a wide variety of projects. From drama production, quirky product demos to filming oversees, there isn’t a project too big (or too small) for our team. Our network of highly skilled Filmmakers, Video Producers and Scriptwriters like a good challenge!

Business videos

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Business videos

Every business has a story. Let Us share your story with the world!

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Have a message you need to share with your employees or customers, An interview is a great way to do that.

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Training videos

Internal communications or E-learning video modules, Lets get started!

Product videos

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Product Demos

Show off the unique features of your product & influence purchase decisions with a demonstration video.

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A whopping 90% of consumers admit that their buying decisions are actually influenced by online reviews.

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Case Studies

Share to potential customers what impact your product has had on the people that purchase it. Case studies are one of the best ways to show this.

Creative videos

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Tell the Junglebox team what your vision is and how you would like to sell your product /service. We will bring your story to life through the power of film and help to reach your target audience.

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Drama & creative

High end drama production, powerful documentaries, bold short films and humorous online adverts for brands, charities and local business! Whatever it is, we can do it.

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Animation is becoming more and more popular due to the mediums expressive nature and ability to communicate on a variety of levels. We love to throw animation into videos if we can as we believe it brings it to the next level.

All this is just the tip of the iceberg. If it requires a camera and a good head for marketing then we’re your guys.
Just click the button below and tell us what you’re after!